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You, Me and the Gatepost

There are numerous reasons why people come together collectively, either in a planned way such as a concert or lecture, or an unplanned way such as a tragedy.  Each crowd differs because it is an interaction of the individuals within it.  They can be active (mobs) or passive (audiences).  They often share emotional experiences and can behave in helpful and intelligent ways, or they can behave in erratic and dangerous ways.


So, what is my collective group?  A gathering?  A rabble?  A flock?


My women have different personalities and physical characteristics and each one has been developed from a different starting point – a name, an icon, a figure of speech.  They represent a group who have congregated because of ‘an incident’.  They are having casual, unrestrained conversation about someone.  Are the details true?  Maybe.  Maybe not. 

HNC Course Exhibition RACC

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